Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mother Natures Farm

Last night for Family Night we decided to go check out the Mother Natures Farm right by our house. It turned out to be a lot of fun! We practically had the place to ourselves and it was about 86 degrees outside, so it was perfect. Seth and Madi had the whole bounce house to themselves. Madi thought that was the coolest thing ever! She had never been on one before. I had a lot of fun watching the two of them play. They had a really fun hay stack maze for the kids and Madi loved that as well. It is always so fun doing something with your little one for the first time. I was surprised that she got the concept right away and she led the way through the maze. We made it through with only a few suggestions from Seth. As soon as we got to the end she turned around and said "Again!" so we let her walk through a bit by herself. There was a lot to do and we had such a fun night! I love Family Night!

The tractor hayride

Feeding the baby farm animals

Searching for the perfect pumpkin (notice the baby snuck into the picture)

Decorating our pumpkins with stickers (Seths, Madis, Brits)


Caleb and Casey said...

That looks so fun. What a great place to take little kids. The place we took our kids was more for a bit older kids, but it was still fun. I hope things are going well with the pregnancy!

abuyack said...

Dang that looks like fun!! Remember last year when we tried to go and it was so dang hot so we ditched out and got mexican food!!!