Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Madi's 4th Birthday

For Madi's birthday we decided to take her to the bowling alley. She had never been bowling before and we thought it would be a fun thing to do. She loved it and Mya loved cheering and clapping for her. Mya even got to bowl a few balls for her. Their favorite part was running over to the ball return and watching it spit the ball back out. They thought it was great!!

The bowling alley also had a huge arcade so we let the girls "play" the games (we didn't put any money in). The manager saw us "playing" in there for about 30min and decided (since we were the only people in there) that he would put a few games on a game card for us and let us play a few for real! Madi had lots of fun. Her favorites were air hockey, and a game that her and I got to sit in a Jeep and shoot at giant bugs before they attacked us. Mya spent most of her time on the dancing game shaking her booty to the music.
After the bowling alley, we took her over to the Rainforest Cafe at the Arizona Mills Mall. We walked through the fun gift shop and ate lunch right next to the monkeys and elephants. The girls loved it!
Later that evening we had a few people over for cake and ice cream. Since I didn't let her be Robin from Teen Titians for Halloween, I decided to make her a Robin birthday cake. The kids thought it was pretty cool!

Enjoying her cake with cousin Cameron.I can't believe that Madi is already 4! She told me that she didn't want to be 4 because she liked being 3. She wanted to stay 3 forever. I wish she could too! But, then she decided she was okay with being 4 when she discovered that it meant she gets 2 gummy vitamins instead of 1. hahah!! Kids are so funny!! I love my Madi girl so much! I love spending my days with her and Mya. I had a great day with my family!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year Madi really wanted to be a superhero for Halloween (big surprise). She kept going back and forth trying to decide who she would be. So I finally made her pick one (that would be not too hard to make) and then I decided to have Mya go as a superhero too! I thought they looked so cute!! Even though Mya got called a boy most of the night. We had a lot of fun at our ward Halloween Trunk-or-Treat. The girls especially loved the cake walk!

This is Madi with her boyfriend Owen. They are such cute little buddies!!
I did a really bad job at taking pictures this Halloween. These are the only 2 pictures I got of actual Halloween night. We had our good friends Brandon and Alyssa over and my brother Cody was in town that weekend too. So, I made us all a yummy dinner and then we walked the kids around the neighborhood. I love Halloween in AZ, the weather is perfect for a night walk!! While we were trick-or-treating, Madi made sure to correct everyone who would call her little sister a boy! She was so funny! We all had a really fun night.

Mother Natures Farm

We love going to Mother Natures Farm every year before Halloween. They have so many fun things to do.

Bounce houses
You get to pick a pumpkin and then decorate it (or yourself) and take it home!

They have the tractor ride, and the farm animals. And this year the momma pig was nursing about 10 little piglets. It was really cute to hear them all oinking and watch them trying to get their turn to eat.
They also have this fun little play house that Mya loved!! We always have a fun time here!

Girls Trip!! Woohoo!!

So, just a little explanation before I go on with the trip. At the end of our stay at my parents house, my Mom and I shaved Mya's head because one side of her hair looked like the above picture and the other side looked like the picture below. She had a habit of pulling her hair out on one side of her head. She liked to have it wrapped around her thumb while she was sucking her thumb. So, we had to do something to help her stop.

The girls and I went on a girls trip to CA for my little brother Corys missionary farewell. Seth had to work so he didn't get to come with us. I was a little worried to drive all that way without Seth but, the girls did great all the way there.
Here is what Mya looked like when we got out of the car. This is what happens when you keep handing back red vines to the kids while you are driving! :)
We had lots of fun playing with Grandma, Grandpa, and Cory. The girls always love playing in the pool and then sitting on the back porch eating Popsicles.

Here is what Mya looked like right after we shaved her head! Poor girl. But it did work and she doesn't pull her hair out anymore!
Saying goodbye to Cory.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alaska Girl

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this before or not but, Madi LOVES superheros!!! Almost everyday she asks me, "Guess who I am!" and I have a long list of superheros to go through before I get the right one. There's Spiderman, Dash, Violet, Elastigirl, Batman, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Wolverine (who she refers to as Walgreen's..hahaha) Shera, Word Girl, just to name a few. So I wasn't surprised when she made up her very own superhero ALASKA GIRL! I have no idea why she picked that name. She didn't know (until I told her) that Alaska was a place. But I thought it was pretty funny. She likes to dress up as a superhero whenever she has a chance. She will ask me to clip a dish towel around her neck with a chip clip for a cape whenever she gets her hands on one. This time we were doing the laundry and she thought that her Dads red shirt looked like the perfect Alaska Girl cape. Because "Alaska Girl wears red, and she has spiky things in her bones that will hurt you if you touch her. So don't touch her." We had fun putting together a little costume with what we had laying around. She is such a funny girl!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

4th of July

Mya driving us to Grandma and Grandpas house!

The girls hang'n with their dogs!
Madi and Grandma enjoying the patio

I some how only managed to take a few pictures of our trip to Ramona, CA to be with my family for the 4th of July. But, this awesome video that my brother Austin made while we were all together says it all!! WE HAD A BLAST!

Dripping Springs

We went out to my grandparents winter home here in AZ. It is less then a 2 hour drive for us, so it is a fun day trip! The girls had a blast playing out in the desert. Madi loves looking for rocks with Grandpa. They both loved riding on the 4 wheeler! It is always nice to visit them!