Friday, April 1, 2011

Girls Trip!! Woohoo!!

So, just a little explanation before I go on with the trip. At the end of our stay at my parents house, my Mom and I shaved Mya's head because one side of her hair looked like the above picture and the other side looked like the picture below. She had a habit of pulling her hair out on one side of her head. She liked to have it wrapped around her thumb while she was sucking her thumb. So, we had to do something to help her stop.

The girls and I went on a girls trip to CA for my little brother Corys missionary farewell. Seth had to work so he didn't get to come with us. I was a little worried to drive all that way without Seth but, the girls did great all the way there.
Here is what Mya looked like when we got out of the car. This is what happens when you keep handing back red vines to the kids while you are driving! :)
We had lots of fun playing with Grandma, Grandpa, and Cory. The girls always love playing in the pool and then sitting on the back porch eating Popsicles.

Here is what Mya looked like right after we shaved her head! Poor girl. But it did work and she doesn't pull her hair out anymore!
Saying goodbye to Cory.