Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Santa Visit

We went to this outdoor mall last night with Aaron and Christen and their girls after eating at In N Out across the street. They had things decorated for Christmas and there was a line setup for a Santa Claus outside. So we got in line so Madi, Monroe and Patsy could see Santa. There were a couple small children around Madi's age that were in line before us and a couple of them started crying when they were put on Santa's lap. So we told Madi that Santa is "really nice and he's going to ask you what you want for Christmas" and she said "yes, Santa nice". And so it was her turn and we put Madi on his lap and Christen took a couple pictures. Madi was wearing a sweatshirt with a big pocket in front and pulled a little yellow flower from her pocket and she gave it to Santa (see pictures). I thought that was pretty cool. The Santa was an old guy with a "real" white beard and hearing aids and he looked like a really nice old man. It looked like he liked the little present she picked for him. She must've picked it earlier when she was playing in the gravel from one of those weed looking plants that does well in the desert. Anyway, Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said "an orange". Thought that was pretty funny, also reminded me of stories I've heard when kids would get oranges for Christmas because their families were so poor that's all they could afford. So that was kind of a cool experience. I really wasn't looking forward to the Santa thing because we had to stand in a line for a little bit , but thought it was well worth it after seeing how Madi reacted. She's really a good little girl. I feel lucky to have her.


Austin and Sara said...

oh my gosh! ha ha madi is the best! what i cute story :)

Caleb and Casey said...

Madi is so sweet! She is getting so much bigger I can't believe it. We miss seeing you guys.

abuyack said...

Madi is so cute!! I thought that was the best when all of a sudden Madi busted out with a flower for santa so glad I caught that on camera!!

sochie said...

what a little cutie she is!!