Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This weekend my parents came out to visit for my 28th birthday! We had such a great time together. We went out to the Superstitions and played around out in the desert for a little while. Madi loves being outside and she was our little trail blazer. My mom and I just fallowed her through the bushes while the boys drove Seths Baja around. It was such a beautiful day! We went out to dinner with Aaron and Christen and their family later that night and had fun chatting and watching the Cardinals play on the big screens at BJ's Pizza. It was a good night. My actual birthday was on Sunday and since we have 8:30am church now :( we got up early and went to church. It was ward conference so we all got to sit together the whole 3 hours which was a real treat for me since I have been in the Primary for a while up until last week. Then we came home and my Parents had to take off, but Seth, Madi and I enjoyed the rest of the day together. It was another great Birthday! Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and phone calls! I love you all!


Jenna Marie said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Your daughter is so dang cute!

abuyack said...

That looks like a cool place!! We may have to go with you guys next time!!

Britney said...

Happy Birthday Britt!