Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Madi

So, Madi's Birthday was on a Sunday this year. We decided to just have a low key birthday. We went to church and then came home, had some lunch, and went on a walk because it was a beautiful day!
Madi had lots of fun chasing Seths car all around her favorite place in the basin behind our house. Mya just watched in her stroller while munching on a piece of watermelon.

We all had a good time enjoying our nice weather! After that, we headed home to put the girls down for a nap so I could get started on Madi's birthday cake. It was a lot of fun! We decided to have all of Seths family come over for birthday cake and presents after dinner. Madi was so excited to have all her cousins come over! Madi had a great time with everyone! Here are a few pictures!

I thought I would ask Madi this year what kind of birthday cake she wanted but I just kept getting answers like, a bath cake, a light cake, a mommy cake (pretty much whatever she was looking at at the time). So I gave up on that and just looked online until I found something that I thought she would like. I surprised her with it when she woke up from her nap. She really liked it, and all the kids had fun eating the cupcake cones.

She got lots of fun presents! Here is Seth putting together her new scooter!

We love our little Madi Buns so much! She is such a cutie pie! I can not believe that she is 3 already! How the heck did that happen?? She is starting to test us more and more as she gets older. Just reminding Mom and Dad that we need to step up our game ;) She is getting too smart! She loves to play outside and get dirty! She loves drawing on the side walk with her chalk, playing hide and seek (or "hide the sink" as she would say), playing "Not It" (tag) and playing school. She is so much fun to have in our family. Thanks to everyone who came over, sent birthday gifts, and called Madi on her birthday! She had such an awesome day! We love you all!


abuyack said...

How fun!! Stinky we had to miss it :( We need to get together because we have a present for her and the girls are excited to give it to her!!! Looks like she got a scooter!!! YA!!!!!

Jessica said...

She's a doll and I can't believe she's 3! I forgot that her and Brooklyn are close in age. Love their Halloween costumes as well!

Sara C. Walk said...

that is such an amazing cake!!!!

grandma walk said...

ok My favorite picture is her trucking around in her underwear backpack and umbrella ! tooo cute.!

Arrington Family said...

I knew I was missing something this month....Tell Madi happy birthday from us. Or a Happy b-lated Birthday hahahhaa