Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Cool Sunday!

We were so excited to have a cool day (only 91 degrees) so, we took advantage and decided to go on a picnic. I have been wanting it to be fall all week long, so I was so happy to have a little break from the heat. We just drove around until we found this really cute neighborhood that had a park in the middle of it and we decided to have lunch there. It was so quite and peaceful. We were the only ones there and I think that we only saw 2 cars drive by the whole time we were there. Madi loves to be outside so she really had a lot of fun looking at all the bugs and letting them eat whatever she dropped on the floor. While she was eating some fruit salad, I helped her poke a kiwi with her fork and she looked at me and said "biggy daddy wee wee" and Seth looked at me with a confused smirk on his face. I just started laughing and told him that "wee wee" is a kiwi. Apparently I had poked the biggest kiwi in the bowl and she refers to big things as "daddy" and small things as"babies". Sometimes if she doesn't know if it is big or small it is a "mommy". It was just too funny because Seth doesn't know what she it trying to say a lot of the time because he doesn't get to stay home with her all day like I do. He has been asking me to interpret for him a lot lately, since she has become quite the chatter box. After we ate, Seth and Madi had a lot of fun jumping off the different levels at the park we were at. I think Seth had more fun trying to catch Madi in mid air with the camera so here are a few of the pics. Despite our cool 91 degrees she got pretty hot, so we let her hang out with the ice pack from our picnic and she seemed to like that. She put it on different parts of her hot face and she would say "burrr cold". We had so much fun hanging out as a family and enjoying the outdoors.

Latter that evening our friends Rachel and Levi came over and we all drove to North Mesa and hiked to the top of a little butte to watch the sunset and fly Seths plane. While we were driving to the butte, Seth interrupted the conversation to ask if anyone thought that it smelled like throw up in the car. I just told him no and kept on with the conversation. Later Levi (who was sitting in the back seat with Madi and Rachel) told us that he thought that it smelled like dog poop. Well, when we got to the butte and I got Madi out of the car, I discovered the smell was an explosion of diarrhea in Mads pants. Rachel and Levi must have had a really fun car ride to the mountain but they didn't seem too mad ;). So, don't think that I just decided to take Madi hiking with no shorts on. Anyways, I took care of that and we made our way up the butte. I carried Madi on my back and tried my best not to trip over the rocky trail. When we reached the top we enjoyed a beautiful view and sunset while Seth flew his plane above and below us. There was a great breeze up at the top of the butte and lots of rocks and dirt for Madi to throw. We had a Fun Sunday!


Audrey said...

That comment about the kiwi is pretty hilarious. Owen says things sometimes that, if you don't know his accent, sound like swear words. Word such as shirt...isn't it funny?

Rachel said...

That was so much fun! And don't worry, I really couldn't smell a thing with my nose being stuffed up still! It was just Levi and Seth that suffered! :)

The Osborn Family said...

What a crack up! She is so cute. It is good you are writing these things down. It is amazing how fast you forget. Drew was always saying crazy things like that. I wrote some of them down in a notebook and I go back and read them on those days when I need to remember how darling he once was! Love ya.. Shaunda

Anonymous said...

Madi is so cute I miss her the only thing I miss about living in Arizona is hanging out with you guys :)